Church Season

The current season of the church year is Ordinary Time or sometimes called Time of the Church.  It is the time in the year when we explore the mission of the church and the spread of the Good News of Christ from its source in the Jewish community to all nations on earth.   A number of special events are planned and additional information available in the church calendar or click here for a listing of summer events in 2015.

A repeating cycle of liturgical seasons, each with it own theological emphasis, is used to divide the year.  There are 6 liturgical seasons and a number of special observances in the church year.  Traditionally, each season has an associated color used for communion table and pulpit decorations, vestments, banners and tapestries.  Within the UCC use of these colors is optional.

The liturgical seasons and their associated colors are:

  • Advent – Deep Blue
  • Christmas and Christmas Season – White or Gold
  • Ordinary Time (Season After Epiphany) – Green
  • Lent – Violet or Purple
  • Easter and Easter Season – White or Gold
  • Ordinary Time (Season After Pentecost) – Green
  • Other special times include – Epiphany, Holy Week; Pentecost; Reformation Day; All Saints Day

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