Ministry Teams


Our Worship Ministry Team deals with details of our church services – our worship time.  Results of a recent survey say that the worship experience is paramount to members of this church.  They come, along with visitors, to be inspired, refreshed, and renewed spiritually.  Our team provides the physical details for this with communion and baptismal needs, and items such as hymnals, and candles.  We also contemplate and design ideas for the senses with artistic elements. A gifted team member creates arrangements that enhance the visual: colors, fabrics and scenes appropriate for the church year. Music provided by the organ, congregation, choirs (both choral and bell), brass and strings fill the sanctuary with the ambiance of each season.  During our worship time we share the written and spoken Word, pray and sing together, acknowledge God’s presence, Christ’s life on earth, and invite the Spirit into our lives through communion and baptism.

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We oversee the care of the building, roof, ground repairs and maintenance.  Since 1963, we have been a welcoming place for families and visitors every Sunday.  Our location on Highway 52 is inviting and peaceful.  Our Memorial Garden is a respite and meditation space for both church members and community neighbors.  Many local groups use our facilities daily, from child care to cub scouts, and many hold meetings or social functions here.  Congregational Church is the home and heart of our church mission where we gather in community to do the work we are called by God to do.  The care of our church is important because it opens our doors to many who need our help.

The Congregational Church Rochester Congregational Church Rochester Memorial Garden

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The Christian Education Ministry team works to ensure the spiritual growth and education of our children, youth and young adults. We teach about God’s love, the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and how our beliefs translate to loving all of humanity through our daily lives. We provide Sunday School Classes as organized, fun, interactive and educational activities involving the congregation as a whole and within small groups. We seek to integrate children and youth into the full life of the church community, providing a foundation for trust, faith and community. We seek to create an atmosphere of learning that allows them to be comfortable sharing their life experiences knowing they will be heard, accepted and supported as they grow in knowledge and faith.

We provide:
Trained and paid director for Christian Education
Sunday School for ages 2-18
Youth fellowship events
Trained and paid nursery care staff
Volunteer Teacher support and training
Summer children’s and youth programming






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The purpose of the Stewardship and Benevolence Ministry Team as our name suggests is twofold.  First, we plan and conduct the Stewardship Campaign to generate the funds necessary to enable and support the mission of our church.  This task includes participating in developing a proposed budget, helping to educate the congregation of the church’s financial needs, administering the campaign, and appropriately celebrating a successful conclusion of the entire process.  In support of this activity, we also strive to educate the congregation that stewardship is more of an expression of faith than an organizational obligation.  Our second function is to help fulfill our church’s mission by overseeing the church’s benevolence activities.  To augment the benevolence funds in the budget, special offerings are taken throughout the year for specific programs.

We make an impact locally through financial grants to local organizations to help them serve the community fully.  Examples of local organizations supported are Channel One, Dorothy Day Hospitality House, Elder Network, American Red Cross (for local disasters), Women’s Shelter, Caring Partner’s Adult Day Care, Salvation Army Good Samaritan Dental Clinic, Habitat for Humanity and others.

We also support the conference and national ministries of the United Church of Christ.  Their programs support people in need and crisis throughout the world.  The following is a list of some of the supported activities with a link for further information:

Rochester UCC Church SA Good Samaritan Dental

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The Nurture Ministry Team works to develop and strengthen connections with visitors and among members, from young to old, by providing opportunities for fellowship and Christian love.  The team also reaches out to members in need.  Some of our activities include the Care Team, Partner Kids, new member events, book club, prayer chain, and Advent Festival.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide for occasions of spiritual growth and connection such as the Care Team, Book Club, and flower delivery.  Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to find people to help deliver flowers.
  • Establish a welcoming environment for all who enter by promoting pre- and post worship fellowship with activities and programs such as greeters at each door prior to worship services and post worship coffee hour.  Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to find people to help.
  • Encourage the growth of the church family by sponsoring fun, meaningful and self-supporting activities for people of all ages, genders, and marital status.  Examples include: church picnic, Advent festival, and dinner groups.
  • Continually improve the work of the ministry team and the life of the church by assessing tasks and activities for currency and relevance in today’s society.
  • Work with and through the Volunteer Coordinator to identify tasks that can be completed by a group of interested volunteers and provide pertinent training, supplies and policies to assure a successful and meaningful volunteer experience.  Proactively fill each volunteer opportunity and mentor or follow-up with new volunteers.
picture9 Congregational Church Coffee Hour

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The mission of the Justice and Peace Committee of the Congregational Church UCC, Rochester, Minnesota is to provide opportunities for awareness, education and action in response to God’s call for peace and justice in our community and the world.  We seek to empower each person to walk in the footsteps of Jesus as agents of God’s power of peace, justice and love that binds instead of divides.   [..return to top]


An Adult Education Ministry Team has been formed to address the desire for life-long learning in our congregation.  We are excited about the level of interest in the current study groups.  These include Living the Questions, which combines a video presentation with a group discussion.  We also have an active book study group, a men’s study group, and special opportunities for intergenerational sharing.  The Adult Ministry team recognizes the value on hand-on-learning, and looks into ways to cooperate with other teams.  Both interested members and friends are always welcome to attend these educational programs at any time.   [..return to top]


Congregational Church, UCC provides on-site support and partners with the Unitarian Universalist church to host homeless families in the Rochester area.  All of the partnering churches in the Network provide shelter, meals and comprehensive assistance to homeless families in the Rochester area.

Volunteers from the church community provide reading assistance to children at Elton Hills School.  If you are interested in helping, contact the church office at 289-4581.

Monthly volunteer day for the Channel One Repack Room is held the third Saturday of the month from Noon – 2 PM.   All are welcome, ages 10 and above.  Sign up in the Narthex or contact the church office.

Volunteering at Channel One Food Bank

Blessing of the animals

Blessing of the animals